Luna 2 Woodgrill & Bar

Luna 2 Restaurant Menu and Information

Fresh Pastas

Served with a dinner salad. Upgrade to a side salad for $2.50 or soup for $1.75.

Add grilled chicken or portobello for $4.00, shrimp or sausage for $5.00, steak for $7.00

Herb Linguine & Shrimp Scampi

Herb Linguine & Shrimp Scampi

Rustic Tomato Marinara – $13.50

Traditional Italian tomato sauce with onion, garlic and basil, served over our garlic basil linguini.

Classic Fettuccine Alfredo – $16.50

A rich cream reduction flavored with imported parmesan cheese tossed with egg fettuccine.

Homemade Vodka Sauce – $16.00

A spicy tomato cream sauce served with our homemade garlic and basil linguini.

Sweet-Hot Fennel Sausage Ragu – $16.50

Hearty meat and tomato sauce with extra lean sweet hot Italian sausage over penne pasta.

Shrimp alla Vodka – $18.00

Sauteed shrimp in a spicy cream tomato sauce tossed with penne.

Clam Sauce – $15.00

Chopped clams and garlic infused in either a red tomato or white wine sauce served with angel hair.

Mushroom Bacon Sauce – $15.00

Fresh mushrooms sauteed with a delightful blend of bacon, butter and chopped garlic served over egg fettuccine.

Five Cheese Ravioli Marinara – $17.00

Stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, asiago cheese topped with our signature marinara sauce.

Crab Ravioli – $18.00

Pasta pockets filled stuffed with crab meat, roasted red bell pepper and mascarpone cheese, finished with our savory vodka sauce.


Veal Ravioli – $18.00

House made ravioli stuffed with veal, ricotta cheese, a blend of onion, carrots, celery and spices. Topped with a decadent asiago cream sauce.

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